Leap Year: Happy Leap Day

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It’s a rare day that only happens every four years. I wonder if anything unusual will happen today. Maybe, I should get a lottery ticket today and it’ll be a lucky ticket since I bought it on Leap Day. Hmm…


Mixer-Life Lesson: Number Three


When baking DO NOT plug in the mixer until AFTER putting the beaters in the mixer. Why?

Well, the first time I didn’t know the mixer was turned on and as soon as I put the beater in the mixer my finger got caught in the beater as it spun. Yeah…that hurt and bruised my finger.

Tonight, I did the same thing. I wasn’t paying attention if the mixer was on, because I was talking to my sister on the phone. I didn’t hurt my finger as bad this time. And my sister advised me to not plug in the mixer until the beaters were put in. Because she did the same thing I did.

Baking can be dangerous…lol.

Memory-Life Lesson: Number Two


Write stuff down, like usernames, passwords, that special place where you put favorite things, etc.

MOST IMPORTANT: You’ll want to write this stuff down somewhere it won’t get lost or deleted. And your phone is not the best spot to write this stuff down, because when you get a new phone all the stuff on it doesn’t always restore.

I’ve been told Google docs is a good place to store stuff.

And yes. I’m still obsessing over where that special place is that I put my favorite earrings. No I didn’t write down where this special place is at. (Oye)

Pack Leader: There are No Vacations


Being a Packer Leader is a 24/7 job and this is where a lot of dog owners go wrong with their dogs. A dog, regardless if it’s a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler, needs leadership, discipline and exercise. Cesar Milan knows dogs and what he teaches is Right On! His naysayers are just stupid…lol.

I read Cesar Milan’s books and watched his show when I decided to rescue three Rottweilers. I knew that I knew nothing about dogs other than loving them. Yes, dogs need love, but just like children they need RULES and DISCIPLINE and LEADERSHIP.

When getting a dog an owner needs to commit to understanding dog mentality, being the Pack Leader and know that being the Pack Leader is a constant. You can’t be a leader one day and a slacker the next day. This confuses the dog and if you have multiple dogs one of them will step up to the plate and be Alpha so there is order among the pack. If this happens and there is more than one dog among the pack that is naturally Alpha, you could end up with a lot of vet bills from the dogs fighting.

I’m constantly watching over my dogs, because they will get territorial. I stop that shit fast, because if it’s two strong-willed, naturally Alpha dogs, a fight could break out. Daisy and Zeus were natural Alpha dogs. When Daisy was a puppy she tested Zeus all the time and I watched Zeus put her in her place. As they got older, Daisy became more aggressive so I had to remind her all the time I was Alpha. By doing this, when Daisy was territorial and I disciplined her she listened to me.

This morning Zeus was drinking water and Apollo wanted water at the same time. Zeus didn’t growl or bite Apollo to keep him away from the water. I picked up on Zeus’ energy and knew he was hogging the water, because he’s part Rottie and his territorial side comes out once and awhile. Immediately, I disciplined Zeus. All I had to do was get his attention, steer him away from the water and I tell him to knock that shit off.

After an episode like the one that happen this morning, Zeus behaves for awhile and knows I’m Alpha. But I’m always watching, because my pups need to be reminded who is the Pack Leader.

Tuna-Life Lessons: Number One


When making tuna salad don’t scoop the mayonnaise in spoonfuls into the tuna and just guess how much needs to go in. Scoop in a spoonful, stir, see if it’s enough then scoop in another spoonful, stir, check if it’s enough and if it’s not enough repeat what I instructed until there’s enough mayonnaise.

I made the mistake last night just scooping many spoonfuls of mayonnaise into the tuna. Tooooo much, mayo. Now, I have to go buy more tuna to balance the mixture. (sigh)

Dad: My Silly Side


I get my humor from my dad. It’s a mix of silliness and sarcasm. Some people don’t get my humor, but my dad had the same reaction when he tried to be funny.

My dad was a prankster. He was the one that would put saran wrap on the toilet seat…lol. He had my mom frost a stack of sponges making it look like a cake and he gave it to a friend for their birthday.

I texted my friends saying “Guess What?” And of course, some of them texted back wanting to know what “what” was. There was no news. I was being a dork and playing around. I don’t know if my friends thought it was funny. And some never even answered my text…lol.

So like my dad, some would get his humor and some just thought my dad was an asshole. But my dad just like to be silly.

Sex: What Men Want


Yes, I am going to talk about S.E.X. But don’t get your knickers too excited! This won’t be an instructional blog about how to rock a guy’s world between the sheets.

From the book, “What Men Really Want,” the author discusses sex and how men and women view sex differently. That’s not a real shocker a man’s view of sex is different than a woman’s…LOL

Men need sex to FEEL loved.

Women WANT sex when they feel loved.

You see the problem brewing there and why the divorce rate is so high?

Anybody who has been in a relationship understands the question I asked. Throw in work, kids, stress, agruements, lack of romance, poor communication AND sex goes on the back burner.

Men aren’t getting sex so they don’t feel loved. Women don’t feel loved, because their man isn’t romantic anymore so they don’t want to have sex. And the vicious cycle begins.

What’s the solution? Isn’t it obvious? Women need to understand what men want. AND Men need to understand what women want.

The information is out there you just have to take the time and do the research. AND do the work with your mate.

Love: Finding the One

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Is it possible to find the One, who will love you forever and live happily ever after, on a dating site? I ask this question, because it seems that most of the guys on these dating sites are just looking for “hook-ups.”

My ex agreed with me that yes there are guys that just want Sex on these dating sites. But to just keep looking and find the diamond among all the junk.

What if finding Love is something that has to happen naturally? Looking for Love on a dating site, is this allowing to let love just happen?

When I met my ex I had the attitude that I didn’t want to date and I wanted to stay away from guys. And BAM, I met my ex. We dated, fell in love and was married a really long time. We’re divorced, but still friends.

When I met my ex we didn’t date right away. We were friends. Not BFF kind of friendship, but we chatted, got to know each other, talked about school…it stayed platonic…no sex, no drama, no expectations. Things evolved naturally.

So, I wonder does love happen from meeting someone in an “expect to find the one” environment…dating sites.

OR does love happen by just chance meeting and when it’s allowed to evolve naturally?

Siren: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Siren


I know you’re all wondering, “What the Hell is a Siren?” Yeah, I wondered the same thing when I came across this in the books I’ve been reading. Well, a Siren is that mythical creature that is part woman and bird or a mermaid that has the power to make any man want her. Apparently, all women can get in touch with her inner Siren, according, to author Rori Raye.

For, the discounted price of $399 any woman can get the secrets that make a man want you, keep the man and make your relationship the best it can be. I know I sound sarcastic as I tell you about finding your inner Siren and I don’t doubt that what Raye has to tell us in her books it will help women.

Because how many of us had mothers that gave us advice about men and relationships? My mom told me nothing about either. It’s been trial and error with me when it came to men. I’ve experienced the men that I should have ran from. The crazy guy and if I would have married him I would have found myself in a Sleeping with the Enemy marriage.

The Player, who lied and hooked up with every woman that wanted a football player. I wasted four years with this guy thinking I could make him love me. What can I say I was young and didn’t know anything about Players. My experience with him taught me a lot.

However, my experience with the Player left me bitter, anger, unable to trust and hating ALL men. Enter my ex-husband, who had to deal with my bitterness, anger, hate for ALL men and inability to trust. I should have taken time to process the aftermath of being with a Player before getting into a relationship with my ex, because it caused the beginning of our problems.

Those problems that developed early in the relationship with my ex could have been worked out if we went to counseling. Biggest mistake we made was not getting outside help with our marriage. Get counseling, this is my advice to people married. This only applies to couples that are in healthy relationships. If your man or woman is abusing you, Get the Hell out of the marriage. Life is too short to stay in an abusive relationship.

Anyway, our inner Sirens I would like to know what Raye has to say, but not pay $399 for the information. It may not be helpful. And there are many books out there that probably give the same advice just the title is different. I listened to one video that Raye includes in her newsletter that I get delivered to my email and it, basically, came down to Understanding Men and how they think, what they want and their view of relationships.

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Writing: The Process


I’m in the process of rewriting a book that I finished. I wrote it, got a divorce, my life was a mess for a bit and I straightened it out and now I’m back to writing. It came to me while reading 50 Shades of Gray, my book wasn’t exciting enough. I knew this when I was editing it before my divorce, but I didn’t know what was missing. Why and what inspired me in 50 Shades of Gray what was missing in my book, I have no clue? The idea just hit me one day and I know in my soul that this rewrite of my book is how the book should be.

There are days when it’s really hard to just turn the computer on to write, because I just want to goof off and have fun. But so much time has gone by and I set a goal for this year to finish the book and find a literary agent. Once, I set a goal I’m like a freight train that doesn’t stop until it’s accomplished.

One of the reasons my marriage probably fell apart. When I want to accomplish something I only focus on that goal and everything else gets ignored. My ex would complain all the time that I wasn’t paying attention to him or anything else. Am I selfish? I can be. But I see it as driven, too. Is that a bad thing?