Life Path: Careers


I forget where I read the statement, “A person will change their career many times in their lifetime.” Since, my mom died, I’ve thought about where my life is going n what I want to do.

Writing has been a passion of mine n I am working on trying to make that go from passion to actual published book and writing contracts.

The other passion I have n is natural within me is helping others. I’m always helping others whether it’s just being there for them during difficult times or just taking cookies to work for my co-workers to have a little party in their mouth after a stressful moment while at work.

Starting a non-profit has went thru my mind, I’ve researched 2 ideas, one a dog rescue, because I love dogs n they just make me happy. When I looked into starting a dog rescue the one thing that stood out was the cost of starting and maintaining a dog rescue. But then I thought what if I can save dogs that can help people…

As I researched dog rescues, I noticed that Pit Bulls are the highest % of dogs in shelters n highest % euthanized. But Pit Bulls make Great service dogs.

From the research I’ve done with starting a non-profit, I’ve learned that partnering with existing non-profits is the best route to take. I’ve thought about which ones I can talk to about partnering with them n who will be the people I want to help. Also, I found that the kind of non-profit I was thinking of creating already exists, so I had to think of how to be different than the one that already exists.


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