Laughter: Elixir to Heal the Soul


Laughter is the best medicine. I think if there was a way to bottle what laughter does for your body, mind and soul then Cancer, HIV, Alzheimer, and all those other nasty diseases wouldn’t exist anymore.

I saw Tommy Davidson tonight at the Improv and he was sooooo funny. He had me laughing so hard I was crying (Ladies, waterproof mascara when going to a comedy club). Cookies, black and white people say it different…Tommy points out…Black people just say “Cookie,” but white women say Cookies and emphasis the Ssssssss….LOL

Denver and the Hispanic population…Tommy knows his Spanish. He talked about Telemundo and Mariachi…you have to see Tommy imitate Telemundo and sing Mariachi…he had me in tears.

I’ve decided first dates with me will be to a Comedy Club or a Sporting Event or doing something that feeds my Adrenaline Addiction. The usual dinner and getting to know each other just seems boring to me. Show me a fun time that’s going to either make me laugh, entertain me or make me high…LOL.

I’m not your Typical Girl.


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