Dad: My Silly Side


I get my humor from my dad. It’s a mix of silliness and sarcasm. Some people don’t get my humor, but my dad had the same reaction when he tried to be funny.

My dad was a prankster. He was the one that would put saran wrap on the toilet seat…lol. He had my mom frost a stack of sponges making it look like a cake and he gave it to a friend for their birthday.

I texted my friends saying “Guess What?” And of course, some of them texted back wanting to know what “what” was. There was no news. I was being a dork and playing around. I don’t know if my friends thought it was funny. And some never even answered my text…lol.

So like my dad, some would get his humor and some just thought my dad was an asshole. But my dad just like to be silly.


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