Dating: Cool Girl


First, I should explain I’m not an expert when it comes to Men and Dating. I’m just a messenger. I’m sharing what I’ve read or what male friends have shared with me.

One of the books I read talks about the “Cool Girl,” she’s the one that attracts the guy and keeps him. What exactly is a Cool Girl? A girl, who is fun to be around with a positive attitude, they go with the flow, they give the guy space and freedom and the Cool Girl has a life that doesn’t revolve around a guy.

A Cool Girl isn’t always Miss America beautiful or a brainiac. But from what I read, I’m assuming a Cool Girl has charisma, isn’t clingy, isn’t negative and petty and she is fun to be around, because she has a sense of humor, is strong and an Independent woman, who knows how to treat a man like a man.


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