Graveyard Shift

garfield tired

This is my day: I wake up after sleeping four to six hours and I’m tired as hell. Three hours later and sometimes it’s like five or six hours (but by then I just get out of bed), I fall back to sleep for an hour and a half to three hours. By the time I wake up for the day, it’s two or four in the afternoon. The day is pretty much over, but I’m starting my day and have a few hours of sunshine.

Today, it was 70 degrees and beautiful out. I enjoyed two hours of the sunshine. When I’m outside I enjoy it, because I don’t get to see the sun or be a daywalker for long. In the few hours I have with the sun, I’m running my Red dog then I walk Zeus. I can’t run Zeus anymore due to him being hit by a car. He never healed back to normal and running him would cause him too much pain.

Do I like working graves? I’m not fond of them, but I prefer it over working 9 to 5 Monday thru Friday. After working graves for so long, I’ve found that this shift, well, there’s no bosses around (PLUS) and your co-workers are way laid back.

I don’t know if I would like working graves at a different business. I like working at a Children’s Hospital. Kids are just so cute and fun. I don’t get to interact with the kids as much as I did in the Emergency Room, but I still enjoy working in the unit that I’m in.


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