Love: Finding the One

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Is it possible to find the One, who will love you forever and live happily ever after, on a dating site? I ask this question, because it seems that most of the guys on these dating sites are just looking for “hook-ups.”

My ex agreed with me that yes there are guys that just want Sex on these dating sites. But to just keep looking and find the diamond among all the junk.

What if finding Love is something that has to happen naturally? Looking for Love on a dating site, is this allowing to let love just happen?

When I met my ex I had the attitude that I didn’t want to date and I wanted to stay away from guys. And BAM, I met my ex. We dated, fell in love and was married a really long time. We’re divorced, but still friends.

When I met my ex we didn’t date right away. We were friends. Not BFF kind of friendship, but we chatted, got to know each other, talked about school…it stayed platonic…no sex, no drama, no expectations. Things evolved naturally.

So, I wonder does love happen from meeting someone in an “expect to find the one” environment…dating sites.

OR does love happen by just chance meeting and when it’s allowed to evolve naturally?


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