Pack Leader: There are No Vacations


Being a Packer Leader is a 24/7 job and this is where a lot of dog owners go wrong with their dogs. A dog, regardless if it’s a Chihuahua or a Rottweiler, needs leadership, discipline and exercise. Cesar Milan knows dogs and what he teaches is Right On! His naysayers are just stupid…lol.

I read Cesar Milan’s books and watched his show when I decided to rescue three Rottweilers. I knew that I knew nothing about dogs other than loving them. Yes, dogs need love, but just like children they need RULES and DISCIPLINE and LEADERSHIP.

When getting a dog an owner needs to commit to understanding dog mentality, being the Pack Leader and know that being the Pack Leader is a constant. You can’t be a leader one day and a slacker the next day. This confuses the dog and if you have multiple dogs one of them will step up to the plate and be Alpha so there is order among the pack. If this happens and there is more than one dog among the pack that is naturally Alpha, you could end up with a lot of vet bills from the dogs fighting.

I’m constantly watching over my dogs, because they will get territorial. I stop that shit fast, because if it’s two strong-willed, naturally Alpha dogs, a fight could break out. Daisy and Zeus were natural Alpha dogs. When Daisy was a puppy she tested Zeus all the time and I watched Zeus put her in her place. As they got older, Daisy became more aggressive so I had to remind her all the time I was Alpha. By doing this, when Daisy was territorial and I disciplined her she listened to me.

This morning Zeus was drinking water and Apollo wanted water at the same time. Zeus didn’t growl or bite Apollo to keep him away from the water. I picked up on Zeus’ energy and knew he was hogging the water, because he’s part Rottie and his territorial side comes out once and awhile. Immediately, I disciplined Zeus. All I had to do was get his attention, steer him away from the water and I tell him to knock that shit off.

After an episode like the one that happen this morning, Zeus behaves for awhile and knows I’m Alpha. But I’m always watching, because my pups need to be reminded who is the Pack Leader.


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