Sex: What Men Want


Yes, I am going to talk about S.E.X. But don’t get your knickers too excited! This won’t be an instructional blog about how to rock a guy’s world between the sheets.

From the book, “What Men Really Want,” the author discusses sex and how men and women view sex differently. That’s not a real shocker a man’s view of sex is different than a woman’s…LOL

Men need sex to FEEL loved.

Women WANT sex when they feel loved.

You see the problem brewing there and why the divorce rate is so high?

Anybody who has been in a relationship understands the question I asked. Throw in work, kids, stress, agruements, lack of romance, poor communication AND sex goes on the back burner.

Men aren’t getting sex so they don’t feel loved. Women don’t feel loved, because their man isn’t romantic anymore so they don’t want to have sex. And the vicious cycle begins.

What’s the solution? Isn’t it obvious? Women need to understand what men want. AND Men need to understand what women want.

The information is out there you just have to take the time and do the research. AND do the work with your mate.


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