Siren: Getting in Touch with Your Inner Siren


I know you’re all wondering, “What the Hell is a Siren?” Yeah, I wondered the same thing when I came across this in the books I’ve been reading. Well, a Siren is that mythical creature that is part woman and bird or a mermaid that has the power to make any man want her. Apparently, all women can get in touch with her inner Siren, according, to author Rori Raye.

For, the discounted price of $399 any woman can get the secrets that make a man want you, keep the man and make your relationship the best it can be. I know I sound sarcastic as I tell you about finding your inner Siren and I don’t doubt that what Raye has to tell us in her books it will help women.

Because how many of us had mothers that gave us advice about men and relationships? My mom told me nothing about either. It’s been trial and error with me when it came to men. I’ve experienced the men that I should have ran from. The crazy guy and if I would have married him I would have found myself in a Sleeping with the Enemy marriage.

The Player, who lied and hooked up with every woman that wanted a football player. I wasted four years with this guy thinking I could make him love me. What can I say I was young and didn’t know anything about Players. My experience with him taught me a lot.

However, my experience with the Player left me bitter, anger, unable to trust and hating ALL men. Enter my ex-husband, who had to deal with my bitterness, anger, hate for ALL men and inability to trust. I should have taken time to process the aftermath of being with a Player before getting into a relationship with my ex, because it caused the beginning of our problems.

Those problems that developed early in the relationship with my ex could have been worked out if we went to counseling. Biggest mistake we made was not getting outside help with our marriage. Get counseling, this is my advice to people married. This only applies to couples that are in healthy relationships. If your man or woman is abusing you, Get the Hell out of the marriage. Life is too short to stay in an abusive relationship.

Anyway, our inner Sirens I would like to know what Raye has to say, but not pay $399 for the information. It may not be helpful. And there are many books out there that probably give the same advice just the title is different. I listened to one video that Raye includes in her newsletter that I get delivered to my email and it, basically, came down to Understanding Men and how they think, what they want and their view of relationships.

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