Dating: The Way to His Heart


After I read the ways we were taught to make a man love us were wrong, I kept reading, because I was surprised that:

  1. Making a man feel desired and wanted
  2. Looking beautiful and alluring
  3. Being funny, witty, smart and interesting
  4. Having things in Common
  5. Seducing him

Yes, ladies, this is not the way to a man’s heart, so says Rori Raye. So what is the way to a guy’s heart? Making him feel safe where he can open himself to you, this is the way to make him fall in love.

I know after I read this I was confused, too.

What does it mean making him feel safe?  I don’t know, but I’m tempted to buy her very expensive e-book collection to find out.

I did think about how my ex fell in love with me. I had asked him why he wanted to be with me after we were together for a year and his answer was, “because I didn’t leave.” He had issues with girls leaving him all the time. Is this true for all guys? I don’t know.

But after thinking about how I would feel if I felt safe with a guy, would I love him? I loved my ex at one time. I still care about him, but the love I had for him is no longer there. So what made me love him at one time?

I did feel safe with him. He knew everything about me and accepted me for me with no judgement. This was part of the reason I fell in love with him. From the books I’ve read about how to get a man, they state that guys want to be accepted for who they are.

Basically, what girls want guys want the same thing. So ask yourself, what could a guy do to make you feel safe to open up to him and make you fall in love with him.


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