Def Leppard


That’s right, Def Leppard is on tour this summer! I Love this band. I listen to them pretty much every day, so yes I know every song.

I saw them when they played at Fiddlers Green. It is an outdoor venue. And I really wish they would play at Red Rocks. Anyway, it was drizzling the whole night, but I had so much fun.

If I recall, I think I had like 3 hours of sleep, but I still rocked with Def Leppard dancing and singing.

There was this girl there, who was probably 21, she was right by the stage…topless. Joe, the lead singer, said something about liking the view. Her boobs were nice, perky Ds.

I’m pretty sure she got a backstage pass.


One comment

  1. invisibleseeker · March 1, 2016

    That is my all-time favorite band, that’s awesome. Seen them 3 times. They still sound great!


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