Dating: Be Mysterious


What does being mysterious mean? Well, I suggest renting the movie, He’s Just Not That Into You, and don’t do any of the things Ginnifer Goodwin’s character did in the movie.

During my college years, I went on a date with a guy and he took me to this nature place. I thought, WOW, this guy is deep. He’s Amazing! But really, I was heart-broken from the guy I had been dating for four years, who had cheated and lied to me the entire time. So, I was vulnerable at the time and any guy would have been Awesome.

Well, after my date with the Amazing Guy, I called him the next day, hoping, for an Instant Relationship. However, back then I didn’t know I was wanting the Instant Relationship thing.

Conclusion to the fabulous first date…he didn’t call me back and there was no second date. From calling him after the first date, I’m sure I radiated needy, desperate and basically just a Mess!

Yes…the way to get a guy is to be mysterious. What does that mean? Make him keep wondering who you are, what makes you do what you do, what makes you be you, etc.

The way I see being mysterious… be like that water leak in a faucet…drip…drip…drip…a really, really, really slow drip…when revealing information about yourself to a guy.


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