Dating: Less is More


What does less is more mean? The same piece of advice has been repeated over and over in every book I’ve come across.

Let the man come to you and keep living your life.

  1. Don’t plan each day around him just go do what you need and want to do.
  2. Enjoy your freedom.
  3. Continue to date other guys.

I behaved this way when I met my ex not because I knew less was more. Because I didnt want to be in a relationship.

Looking back, less is more really does work. Five months later, my ex told me he loved me.

Men want what they think is unattainable, so go do your thing. He’ll call you if he wants you.

If he never calls, you’ll know he wasn’t worth your time. Because he wasn’t interested in a future with you and just wanted sex.

Think of yourself as a Louis Vuitton bag, a limited edition one, they are very expensive, only so many are available  and not every girl can afford them.

Ladies, you know when we want something that’s crazy expensive (shoes, bags, a dress, etc) it doesn’t matter the cost. We do whatever to make the money so we can get the very thing we Desire.

Guys are like this with girls, who are not calling them all the time, not clingy, who have their own lives, and who keep them guessing, they will do anything to get her.

So ladies do less and the guys will do more.


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