Dogs: Signs Your Pup is a Stalker Boyfriend


Ladies, do you feel like you need help with your dog? Is he smothering you with attention? Is he getting in the way of your social life? Have you felt that he may be a Stalker?

Here are the warning signs that your dog is a Stalker Boyfriend:

  1. He has to know where you are at ALL the time.
  2. You can’t be out of his sight for longer than 5 minutes.
  3. If you don’t come back in 5 minutes, he’ll come looking for you.
  4. He ALWAYS keeps you in his view.
  5. NO ONE can be near you.
  6. ALL your attention must be on him.
  7. He sleeps right next to you in bed.
  8. When you get out of bed he looks at you with that look, Where you going?
  9. He lays right by the door when he knows you are getting ready to leave.
  10. He is the Center of your World, ALL Things in your life REVOLVES around HIM!

If you have a Furry Stalker Boyfriend, your life will be filled with wet, sloppy kisses and doggy hugs, DAILY.

You’re not alone. There are many out there with Doggy Stalker Boyfriends. Go to your local dog park, find each other and support one another.



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