Boys-Random Question: Number Two


Yesterday, while listening to my playlist, Beyonce’s song, If I was a Boy, came on. I started wondering, would I want to be a boy?

  1. Boys can be gross and messy and use the excuse they are a boy and their behavior is acceptable.
  2. Males get paid more than women.
  3. Boys are physically stronger and have more muscle than girls.
  4. Boys just have to unzip and pee when no restroom is nearby.


  1. Boys aren’t allowed to cry or get emotional, otherwise, they will be considered a sissy.
  2. Boys are limited in fashionwear, hairstyles and shoes.
  3. Boys are expected to be providers and make lots of money.
  4. Boys can’t have multiple orgasms, unless, they get hard again over and over.

The ability to have multiple orgasms is so worth being a Girl!


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