Dogs: The Power They Possess


After my mother died, I wasn’t the same. I feared life and death. Depression set in and I couldn’t pull myself out of the black hole I fell into.

I was living in Texas with my ex and one day ran into puppies that escaped their yard. I took one home and was going to keep him, but his owner came looking for him.

After taking care of that puppy for a few days, I became obsessed with getting a puppy.

Enter Zeus…he was 2 months old when my ex and I rescued him from the pound. A month later, Apollo was rescued at 3 months old, because I decided Zeus needed a playmate.

Daisy was rescued 7 months later at 3 months old. The three of them grew up together.

It was my pups that pulled me out of that blackhole. They gave me a reason to get up every morning, to live, to laugh and feel happiness after years of sadness.

Dogs possess the power to Heal us. Heal our pain, our depression, our anger, our grief, and the list goes on.


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