Life: Flow Through Life Like Water


I read this blog post on The Seeds 4 Life’s blog, the post ended with the statement to Flow Through Life Like Water.

I thought about this statement during my run with my Red Dog. Water is flexible. It swirls this way and that way, but it’s usually constantly moving. The only way water stops is when it’s made to stop.

Water hits a rock, swirls, and goes in another direction or over the rock. If you apply this to life, a problem enters our life and we have to figure out what to do with the problem, swirl and solve.

Water helps cleanse. It washes dirt off our bodies. It flushes toxins from inside our body. Like water, we have to do what is necessary  to cleanse our souls and make our life positive or live a very unhappy life.

Water is necessary for survival. Our bodies are made up of roughly 75-78% water. So, in order to live and be healthy, we need water.

Flowing through life like water, we do whatever it takes and figure out what we need to survive in a world filled with hate, tragedies, and pain.


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