Men: 101-The Chase


Every book I read about understanding men, they state men like the chase. But what I want to know is Why?

Author Bruce Bryans book, 101 Things Your Dad Never Told You About Men, states, Men are hard-wired to pursue women. Bryan’s doesn’t explain why men are hard-wired to pursue women.

If I wanted to chase a guy, what would make me interested to chase him?

I know that if I’m not physically attracted to the guy, I’m not chasing him.

I know if a guy is not a gentleman and just disrespectful, no chasing from me.

I know if a guy is going to play around and just treat me like one of his many booty call girls, I’m done. I won’t even go up to the starting line to do the chase. .

So my guess is that since a guy is hard-wired to chase, he’s like Wile E. Coyote.

And ladies…Be Road Runner.



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