Men: 101


Soooo…I read the book 101 Things Your Dad Never Told You About Men and I have to say it was an interesting book. There were things that the author, Bruce Bryans, mentioned that I’ve read in other books…like…men like the chase and want respect.

Then there were things that totally surprised me.

Guys secretly want a virgin. Yes, ladies guys want a girl who is pure and inexperienced in the bedroom…lol. Now, I’ve had guys tell me the opposite. My ex had a girlfriend that was a virgin and he told me he would never be with another virgin, because of the lack of sex experience and they get real clingy.

I’ve had guys tell me they want a girl, who is a lady in public, but a Vixen in the bedroom.

Well, guys, which is it, Virgin or Vixen in the bedroom?


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