Dating: Online Profiles


Do people, actually, read the profiles on the dating sites?

I read them.

And what I put on my profile is direct, honest and there’s no guessing for guys. I put on every profile NO HOOKUPS, I want to get married, again, and I’m looking for the guy I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

There was this one guy that I chatted with a bit on the dating site then we texted. It was a couple days of texting and he tells me he’s not looking for a relationship just someone to hang with, which was not on his profile After I read that, I’m thinking, WTHDid you not read my profile? 

I guess some guys don’t read profiles or they don’t take what is written on them seriously. I’m blunt and what I put on my profile I mean. If I wanted to just hang with a guy, I’d put on my profile: Want to be a guy’s Fuck Toy. (Rolling my eyes)

I’m not a girl that will be with a guy, be his booty call and put in time with him when there is no future with him. Maybe, I should put that on my Profile…hmmm.

I stop talking to this guy.


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