Men: The Bad and The Good

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I was thinking about my ex and it came to me that maybe our marriage was never meant to be forever. Maybe, he was apart of my life to help me so I could meet the one, who would be my forever.

When I met my ex it was right after I was with the guy, who was a liar and a cheater. I didn’t trust ANY guys, because after my experience with the liar and cheater I thought EVERY guy was a liar and cheater.

My ex put up with a lot from me not being able to trust. I assumed my ex would lie and cheat simply because he was a male.

However, he’s really a good guy. His father is horrible, a cheater and liar. My ex saw what lying and cheating did to his mother, so he vowed to never be like his father.

Because my ex is a good guy, the part of me that was hurt by the liar and cheater my ex healed.

After being with my ex, I’m able to trust and give a guy a chance instead of being bitter, guarded and assuming ALL men are liars and ¬†cheaters.


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