Who is procrastinating? (Raising my hand)

I did some cleaning around my house. And now, I’m trying to motivate myself to work on my book. Well, no, I’m not trying to motivate myself. I’m making excuses making it ok to not work on it tonight by telling myself,  I need a day off, I’ve been working on it non-stop for several weeks, I’ll do two chapters tomorrow…blah, blah, blah.

Then I read this blog post by, Rishi Kinger, The To Do Principle, it’s about procrastinating and how to do what needs to be done instead of procrastinating.

So that’s what I’m going to do, what Rishi Kinger recommends, which is spend 10 minutes working on my book.

Update: I did what Rishi recommended and finished the chapter…having the mindset that I was going to write for 10 minutes took the pressure off and I was able to be creative.


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