Counseling: Saving a Marriage


Could marriage counseling have salvaged my marriage? Yes, I think it could have or it could have made us realize that we weren’t right for each other.

It’s the second part that kept me from pushing counseling.

My ex and I were young when we met. He was 20 and I was 23. We didn’t know what was what to make a relationship work. But we loved each other and that was all that mattered.

We tried counseling. I resisted every time we went to counseling. Because I feared that the counselor would tell us that I was the problem and I had to be fixed. You see where I’m going with this don’t you from my previous blog about Marriage.

Despite my fears, I think counseling would have helped if we would have continued with it early in the marriage. But we didn’t make it a priority in our marriage, why? Who knows, maybe because we were just too young and thought things would just work out.

By the time I left the marriage, it was too late for counseling. My love for him was gone. I was tired of all the arguing and misunderstanding and he was, too.

As time passed, I think time told us whether we were meant to be and try again. It told us we weren’t meant for each other anymore. He found someone, who makes him happy. I’m ok with this. He deserves to be happy.

In time, I’ll find the right guy for me.


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