Dating: Rookie


I was thinking today how I’m really a novice with this dating thing. I haven’t dated much and before I met and married my ex, I didn’t date that many guys.

When I met the guy, who lied and cheated, I was a month away from starting college. I was with him for four years of the four and half years I was in school.

During our numerous breakups, I went on three dates. All three dates, I saw a movie with the guy. They were with three different guys and they were Asian. I just realized this…lol. One date was with a guy that I don’t even remember how I met him, but there was no chemistry between us. Well, at least not for me. Right after he said, My mother wants me to marry an Asian girl, I lost interest. Why? Because it was a gut feeling I got, he didn’t want me for me, he just wanted to please his mother.

Date number Two, I had known this guy all through college. He was HOT. Body builder and very good-looking, but there was no chemistry there, at least on my end. We saw a movie and never went on another date, but still remained friends.

Date number Three, was with this guy that chased me for a year or more. He was really cute and charming. But the timing wasn’t right, at least for me, I was heart-broken from the guy that lied and cheated, so I wasn’t ready for anything with any guy. He could have been the ONE, but maybe not since nothing happened between us.

I met my ex. Oh, I went on four dates. My ex was date number four and I was off the dating market for a long time.

Now, here I am single and clueless…lol. Thank goodness, there are so many books about dating and understanding guys.


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