Men: Mars vs Venus


I just read the new newsletter from Rori Raye and I want to get her books. If you guys haven’t read my Siren blog, Rori is the author of the book Modern Siren. Her books are about getting a man, keeping a man, and making relationships and marriages better.

When I first started reading Rori’s newsletters, I was skeptical about her books. Modern Siren was the first book mentioned in her newsletters and I kept wondering what the hell was a Siren.

The new newsletter is about Men being the Rubberband Man. And Rori is right on target with what she is talking about. Everything, she outlines in how men and women react different when we become uncertain or off balance about situations.

Women want to talk it out. Men shut down. You see the conflict here and why Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus?

Rori explains how we, women, can respond to men in Mars language.

Example: We’ve all been there ladies, the man is late and no call. How do we respond to this, we’re mad as hell. Right?

Well, Rori explains instead of reacting this way with your man, All you had to do was take two seconds to tell me you were going to be late instead of making me wait!

Instead, respond this way: I feel so frustrated when I’m waiting.

The marriage rescue books I read during my marriage all said the same thing. Using “I” statements and avoiding “You” statements. Because guys don’t respond to being yelled at, being told what he did wrong or being told what they should do. And “You” statements are blaming statements.

Do you think I can get the money for her books by starting a GoFundme? Is wanting books a good reason to use GoFundme?


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