Relationships: Scorned and Scarred


When I met my ex, I was still getting over the guy that lied and cheated. My heart was broken, I couldn’t trust, anger filled my soul, and I didn’t believe there were any good men.

I have to hand it to my ex for standing by my side as I healed from that bad relationship. He put up with a lot of anger and just me being a woman scorned.

But if we would have met after I processed that bad relationship and was healed, would our relationship been different? Would we have even married each other? Would we still be together now?

Then I thought, is anyone ever healed or ready when someone else comes along. Is that how relationships work? We meet someone, who is there for a reason. Sometimes, it works and they are the person that is meant to be our forever. Sometimes, it doesn’t work, but they were the person that was meant to be in our lives at that moment.

It would be so helpful if Life came with a manual and we were told when the ONE comes into our life…lol.


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