Restaurant: Maggianos


One of my favorite Italian restaurant’s is Maggianos. I may go there this Saturday and eat until I can’t fit in my clothes…lol.

Their food is so tasty and you get a lot of it. The Maggiano salad has blue cheese crumbles in it, which gives it a burst of flavor.

I hope the tomatoes are in season now. Their tomato, basil and mozzarella appetitizer is drizzled with olive oil and sooooo yum.

Looking at their menu, it has been awhile since I was there, because I didn’t see the Joey Z pasta. It was tasty and had just enough spice to it where it wasn’t to hot, but added a zing of Caliente flavor.

The tiramisu is my favorite dessert on the menu. It has just the right blends of sweetness to have a colossal party in your mouth.

Everything at Maggianos bursts with flavor. I mentioned in a previous blog that the usual dinner date is boring to me and would rather the guy entertain me, feed my Adrenaline Addiction or make me laugh, But I’d be ok with a dinner date at Maggianos. I wouldn’t be shy about eating…lol.


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