Writing: Staying Motivated


Many days, I think to myself, “Am I wasting my time writing?” I mean I’m writing this book and not getting paid. I tried freelance writing and the money was very little. Even though my dream and passion is to be a writer, is it just a dream?

One night, I didn’t want to work on my book. I was tired and just wanted to goof-off. I posted on Facebook about wanting to just goof-off. A friend of mine responded encouraging me to write. That response made me smile and motivated me to turn on my laptop and work on my book.

Today, I found out that same friend is writing a book. I didn’t know she wanted to be a writer. Suggested to her, we can encourage each other to keep writing. I told her that I’ve been telling myself lately to keep me motivated, Your book can’t write itself. I hope this helped motivate her to keep writing and overcome her fears.


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