Exercise: Stairs


It’s so busy at work we have two floors that we have to cover. So…I’ve been running up the stairs, because working graves I don’t get to workout as much as I would like to.

I use to run six days a week. I miss those days.

Since working 12 hours shifts, it’s hard to workout six days a week, because I’m just tired. All my co-workers have said the same thing and they use to workout a lot, too.

When I gain weight I gain it in my belly. I’m short (5′) so I gain five pounds and it shows. I get this Santa belly.

On the days, I work 3 graves in a row. I run up the stairs hoping it helps to keep the Santa belly away.

Despite running up hills, the stairs kick my butt. My thighs burn, I’m breathing fast and when I first started running up the stairs it was hard doing three flights.

It’s been three weeks since I started the stairs exercising. I’m getting more conditioned. But some day, I’ll have to go up all nine flights of stairs.



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