Zen -Life Lesson: Number Eleven


It was really busy at work last night. Well, every night is busy since it’s respiratory season. I was running around from one floor to another floor trying to get the admissions ready for the patients that were being transferred to the inpatient units.

I had to get a bed for one room, so I called the new department that was taking care of transporting the beds to the rooms. The transport person told me I had to put the request into the computer.


Since it was so hectic, I snapped at her that I never got an email about this new way to request a bed. (Actually, I did get an email. I just hadn’t read it yet) After I got snippy with her, I felt bad, because I knew they were just as busy as us and they were having to deal with this new way to requests beds, too.

I have to give a Shout out Hug to the nurses I work with. They are so understanding and when it’s crazy at work they do what they can to alleviate my work load, since I’m the only assistant there. This is why I make the cookies to show my appreciation for their help.

After it slowed down at work, I thought about my snippy attitude and told myself to go to my Happy place and be Zen.

I realized that it was my choice to be Iritated and Bitchy or Happy and Nice. I chose Happy.

Power to Choose


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