Sex and the City

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I’m a HUGE Sex and the City fan. When the HBO series ended I got depressed. It was like losing my 4 best friends.

Of course, I brought the DVDs, every season and watched the episodes a million times. I know the shows by heart. Yes, I’m a Sex and the City addict.

When the series was on HBO I thought I was Carrie, because she was a writer. But now that I’m single and one of the many in the dating arena, I’m thinking, I’m so Charlotte.

Charlotte was tired of dating and wanted to find her Prince Charming. She thought she found him, but got divorced. My life has been like Charlotte’s.

However, Charlotte found her happily ever after with her divorce lawyer.

My divorce was amicable. No lawyers were involved.

Damn, I should have hired a lawyer. He might have been my King!


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