Understanding – Life Lesson: Number Fourteen


I’m really upset with what my ex did at work today. The Gandhi prayer is not working anymore…lol.

It was total disrespect of my feelings. I’ve told him several times to not bring up personal stuff at work in front of co-workers. He totally slammed me in front of a co-worker this morning.

I’ve never done this to him even when co-workers complained to me about him. I kept my mouth shut and told him what people were ¬†complaining about.

I’m proud of the fact that we are friends despite the divorce. We still talk to each other about anything. He knows I discuss our relationship on my blog. But what he did today, it’s this behavior and his negative view of me that made my love for him disintegrate and could destroy the friendship.

In one of Rori Rayes’ newsletters, she said it takes the woman to make the positive change in a relationship, because the man won’t do it. I don’t know if that’s the case in all relationships, but it is with my ex.

So, I decided an email to him is the best way to deal with the tension between us.


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