After watching my mother die, I questioned Hope and GOD. While I took care of her, I kept praying for her to not die. And when my prayers went unanswered, I decided God didn’t exist and Hope was just something human’s made up to deal with this f*%ked up world.

It’s been awhile since my mother passed.

I still question whether GOD really exists. It’s hard for me to believe that there’s some higher entity that allows all this hate, war, death, starvation and injustice to happen. But than there’s the other part of me that believes that humans are the reason for all the hate, war, death, starvation and injustice.

If GOD does exist, he has put Angels on Earth. Those Angels are the ones that help the less fortunate, try to preach love and equality, and fight for justice.

If GOD exists, the Devil does, too. It’s the Devil that has created all this chaos, war, death and poverty.

Or are humans the Devil hungry for power, filled with greed and obsessed by vanity that has created all this chaos, war, death and injustice?



  1. krose2016 · March 28, 2016

    God, for me, is very real. I wish that there was an answer as to why bad things happen, why people suffer, but I don’t believe it’s because of God trying to punish us. I do feel that certain situations happen to bring us close to Him. Open your heart to Him. Our time on this Earth is limited and He is the everlasting. He is always with you.

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  2. wecarearmwrestlingchallenge · March 28, 2016

    God has plans, even when we don’t know or understand what’s going on. It comes down to whether we trust him enough to carry out those plans in the midst of our hurt, pain, anger, confusion, etc. And sometimes we may get it after the fact; other times we walked away from him, blaming him forever for the suffering that’s going on. We cannot begin to fathom his ways or thoughts. But know this one thing, he loves us.

    Here’s a God who grants us free will but is still in control of what’s going on. The Hallmark movie, Love Comes Softly, comes to mind that connects with what you wrote above.

    I’ve seen my share of personal suffering, way too much. My head is still above water. 🙂

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