Me, Myself and I


I’ve, always, been the person, who, could entertain myself. Being alone doesn’t bother me. And I have a hard time letting people into my weird, little world.

When I was young I would spend the weekends reading books. My parents didn’t understand how I could spend the WHOLE weekend just reading. They didn’t understand why I wasn’t out playing with friends. My friends were books. I liked escaping into the fantasy that was created with the written word.

As an adult and single, I didn’t date for three years after my divorce. Getting close to another guy, this was scary and I didn’t want to let anyone in. For a brief moment, I ventured out of my shell and explored the dating world. And I’m not sure if I’m ready to let another guy into my life.

I find it easier to create my own happiness with just me. I guess that’s why I like reading, writing and why I’m more a right brain person. Reading, I get to escape into a fantasy world or learn something I don’t know about.

Writing allows me to think and express what’s on my mind. This blog I guess is my way to express myself and stay connected with the outside world when I go into my cocoon.



  1. ssunshine14 · March 28, 2016

    So relative..


  2. wecarearmwrestlingchallenge · March 28, 2016

    I think enjoying your own company is a must before entering any romantic relationship. Why? You won’t feel the need to depend on someone else to make you happy or to make sure you’re having a good time , which is unfair to that person.


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