Sex and the City: So Charlotte


After Charlotte’s first marriage failed, she went to the bookstore and bought a self-help book, Starting Over, Yet Again, to help her after her marriage didn’t work. She ends up throwing the book out the window, which is where I’m at with the books I read.

One book says one thing and another book contradicts what I just read in another book. I’m just going to go with my gut and intuition. However, I did like the book by Bruce Bryans, 101 Things That Your Dad Didn’t Tell You About Men. My dad failed to teach me about men, but he did show me how to check the oil in my car…LOL.

Charlotte just wants to be married and tired of dating. She meets Trey and thinks she met her Forever After, but the marriage ends in divorce. I’m not crazy about doing the meet and greet with many men. I like being in a relationship and want to be married. My Forever After wasn’t the ONE.

I’m so, Charlotte. Well, for now I am. After I’m published and a full-time writer, I’ll probably think I’m  Carrie, again…lol.


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