Book: Editing, Editing, Editing


My book is wrote, but now I’ve been editing. I need to look this up to make sure that it’s still the first three chapters and the last chapter that literary agents want when sending queries. Because I’ve been editing the HELL out of those chapters.

You know that feeling when something doesn’t sound right or flow right when your editing your work? This kept happening with me in the first chapter, but before I did the rewrite I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. First edit after the rewrite, I found the problem right away and took a whole page out of the first chapter. I’ve ended up redistributing paragraphs from what I cut in the first chapter and placed them elsewhere in the book where they fit better.

One thing I would like to ask James Patterson, John Grisham or Patricia Cornwell, how many times did you edit your first book?



  1. bookloverbabbles · March 29, 2016

    Good luck! ❤ I am struggling w/ the rough draft haha

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