Positive Thinking: What was Great about Today


For April 28, 2016

  1. Figuring out how to put my Prince songs I bought on Amazon on my Spotify account.
  2. Making more profile pics with Prince on Photoshop.
  3. Having my lunches ready for work this weekend.
  4. Getting lots of sleep.
  5. Making plans with friends to take a trip to tour Paisley Park.
  6. Reading inspiring posts on Facebook and WordPress.
  7. Hugging my dogs.
  8. Going on a run with my Red dog, despite the weather being cold, it was a nice day.
  9. Having the day off from work.
  10. Being at peace with my life.

Dreams – Goals: Never Give Up


I read this on Facebook and this kind of stuff keeps me working on my goal to become a published writer.

Ankati Heather Day

At age 23, Tina Fey was working at a YMCA.

At age 23, Oprah was fired from her first reporting job.

At age 24, Stephen King was working as a janitor and living in a trailer.

At age 27, Vincent Van Gogh failed as a missionary and decided to go to art school.

At age 28, J.K. Rowling was a suicidal single parent living on welfare.

At age 28, Wayne Coyne (from The Flaming Lips) was a fry cook.

At age 30, Harrison Ford was a carpenter.

At age 30, Martha Stewart was a stockbroker.

At age 37, Ang Lee was a stay-at-home-dad working odd jobs.

Julia Child released her first cookbook at age 39, and got her own cooking show at age 51.

Vera Wang failed to make the Olympic figure skating team, didn’t get the Editor-in-Chief position at Vogue, and designed her first dress at age 40.

Stan Lee didn’t release his first big comic book until he was 40.

Alan Rickman gave up his graphic design career to pursue acting at age 42.

Samuel L. Jackson didn’t get his first movie role until he was 46.

Morgan Freeman landed his first MAJOR movie role at age 52.

Kathryn Bigelow only reached international success when she made The Hurt Locker at age 57.

Grandma Moses didn’t begin her painting career until age 76.

Louise Bourgeois didn’t become a famous artist until she was 78.

Whatever your dream is, it is not too late to achieve it. You aren’t a failure because you haven’t found fame and fortune by the age of 21. Hell, it’s okay if you don’t even know what your dream is yet. Even if you’re flipping burgers, waiting tables or answering phones today, you never know where you’ll end up tomorrow.

Never tell yourself you’re too old to make it.
Never tell yourself you missed your chance.
Never tell yourself that you aren’t good enough.
You can do it. Whatever it is.

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(original post by Drew Forrester)

Entertainment Center


This is an entertainment center I’ve been pondering for awhile. The lame reason I haven’t bought it yet is because it could take me a week to put it together…LOL.

The entryway bench I bought took me six hours to put together then another hour to finish it and I’m finally using it.

There are so many pieces to this entertainment center I’m estimating it will take a few days to put it together. I’m not up for the challenge at the moment.

But, maybe, in the near future, I will find the force and tackle this momentous task.

Hell hath no Fury


I saw a news report posted on Facebook about 35 adults arrested during a sex trafficking sting where 5 children were rescued. Sex traffickers, child molesters and child abusers are the scum of the Earth and should be put to death immediately. Forgiveness for this scum is not an option.

I’ve posted about Forgiveness and how it’s best to forgive.

But in my opinion, there are some that do not deserve forgiveness and that has to do with anybody that harms a child. They have no conscious, no soul and no regrets about how they have damaged the children they have hurt. Because if given the opportunity, they will traffick, molest and abuse children over and over and over. They can’t be rehabilitated.

Find them and kill them, this is how I feel and nothing will alter my opinion.



I find this interesting. There have been times in my life that I felt there were so many obstacles and wondered why the hell it was so damn difficult. This saying makes a lot of sense.

Is this God’s way of telling you when you’re wanting the wrong thing or wrong person or taking the wrong path in life?

Is it best to just Stop, Reflect, and Think? And have Patience for the what’s really worth fighting for to come into your life?

Positive Thinking: Great Moments


For April 26-27, 2016

  1. Tuesday Night at work flew by – it was a trying night, because I had to cover two floors and a bad mood kept trying to creep in. But, I stayed positive about how it made the night fly by.
  2. The norovirus at work is under control. (knock on wood) I haven’t caught it yet.
  3. I made a fellow nurse happy by simply giving her some chocolate. After lunch she said she wanted something sweet and I happen to have some candy in my bag.
  4. A code blue (patient stops breathing) was revived and sent to ICU.
  5. Went to Costco last night and replenished my toilet paper supply (I get nervous when supplies get low, I’m weird like that…LOL) KIRLAND-SIGNATURE-BATH-TISSUE
  6. Costco has pretty smelling scented body wash. I got excited about this. olay
  7. I have HBO FREE, 50 Shades of Gray Unrated and Tropic Thunder are available to watch. And, it’s ON DEMAND, I keep forgetting about this feature.
  8. All the Great posts on Facebook and Twitter about Prince, he really was One of a Kind. I’m really going to miss him. I’ve put together profile pics in memory of Prince (future blog post coming).
  9. Always a Great moment, Spending time with my pups.
  10. Talking to a friend, he reminded me about flying in a glider this summer. I can’t wait!

Dress – Life Lesson: Number Sixteen


I wore this dress during Ladies Night when we saw Wanda Sykes not thinking about the wind.

Yes, flowy, short, skirt dresses and wind do not go together. Every time the breeze picked up, I was holding the skirt of my dress so I wasn’t giving a peep show to all the people we passed as we walked to Comedy Works.

I did have a slip on underneath and only that would have been flashed for all to see, but still I didn’t want the wind whipping the skirt of my dress up.

Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today


For April 25, 2016

  1. Surviving my Dr. Pain (dentist) visit and there was very little pain during my visit.
  2. Dr. Pain has TVs in every room, so I watched HGTV as I was getting my teeth cleaned and filling redone. The TVs distracted me so my anxiety was low.
  3. I didn’t spend the day in a bad mood despite being stuck in traffic and late to my Dr. Pain appointment. My two pet peeves, traffic and going to the dentist.
  4. I was awake all day, well, since 8 am and, usually, I wake up between noon and 3 pm.
  5. I did so much, because I was up so early and did so little since I just chilled the whole day.
  6. It was a me day.
  7. Took advantage of my FREE HBO, Magic Mike 1 and 2 was on back to back, I was a lucky girl today.
  8. 50 Shades of Gray is on HBO now, I’m recording it on my DVR.
  9. Made Chocolate Chip Cookies.
  10. Talked to my sister.