Racism and Hate


“When we say ‘no’ to hate, we can say ‘yes’ to love and equality.” – ‘s Taraji P. Henson

Yes, I’m going to talk about the “R” word.

In college, my friends called me Little Malcolm. Yes, I’ll admit I’ve got some Malcolm X attitude in me. The radical part and the part that many don’t know about, where Malcolm’s perceptions were broadened and him and Martin Luther King, Jr were talking about joining together in the fight for Civil Rights. (Read Malcolm X’s autobiography, it’s an interesting book)

Anyone that is not familiar with the NOH8 campaign, The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest, from the About Facebook NOH8 page.

Why am I bringing up Racism and Hate? Because I’m a female minority, I am very familiar with both and have dealt with it all my life.

It really irritates me to see postings on my Facebook page from my white Facebook friends claiming they are tired of hearing and being blamed for slavery, inequality and racism. My answer to this, Don’t whine about it, BE the SOLUTION to Racism and Inequality.

In order to get rid of Racism and Inequality, one must take the time to understand the history and the reality of how it is today for minorities and Women.

To give a sarcastic response that minorities have equality and are catered to, this is an uninformed response. This only perpetuates the Race and Inequality problems that still plague the world.

And those Minorities that are playing the VICTIM and using the race and inequality card to not be productive human beings, GET off your ASS and do something about your life. Because being a victim, this isn’t going to make racism and inequality go away. Yeah, we have to work harder than our white counterparts. But that’s what makes us STRONGER and RESILIENT.

Let’s not forget the  Gay, Lesbian, Transgender and Bi-sexual population. I don’t care who someone loves. The FACT is gay, lesbian, transgender and bi-sexual people are HUMAN BEINGS, who deserve equal rights and don’t deserve to be judged.

Racism and Inequality are very REAL and still a Cancer around the World, America included. Foreigners call Americans hypocrites, because we say we are a melting pot nation that embraces differences. Some Americans do, but there is STILL a large group, who are Racist, who HATE and don’t want EQUALITY for ALL.


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