Bad Boys


This was a post on Facebook and this is so true. My college boyfriend hurt me over and over and over for 4 years. It wasn’t the cheating and lying that made me, finally, leave him. After I went to comfort him when his mother died and he told me, “Just because I was with him now, it didn’t mean we were together,” it was at that moment I realized he was a BASTARD and STOPPED loving him.

Oprah said that GOD will keep putting the same BAD person in your life until you GET IT. I laughed when she said this on one of her shows, because it’s so true.

After I decided I was DONE with my college boyfriend, GOD put another BASTARD in my path. But, I only make a mistake once, because I’m quick to learn from my errors.

One of my friends set me up on a date with this BAD guy and funny thing was he was Dominican just like my ex-college boyfriend. The fact he was Dominican didn’t make him BAD. It was the fact that he was a complete ASSHOLE.

Red Flag Number One, he was an ASSHOLE.

He said to me at the bar, I didn’t think you were pretty, but the way the guys are responding to you there’s something about you that they like.

Yes, he, actually, said this out loud and to me…LOL.

Red Flag Number Two, he was an ASSHOLE.

He said to me, You know what I like about you that I can’t control you.

WTF, I was thinking. I was pretty much done with him after he told me he didn’t think I was pretty. But after the stupid control comment came out of his mouth, I was ready to drop kick him out of the bar.

AND, yes, there was more.

When we were heading home I ran into the guy that would later became my husband and I stopped to talk to him. Tony (Mr. ASSHOLE) didn’t like me talking to another guy, so he thought being domineering was going to make me swoon for him. He ordered me to go with him.

I looked at Mr. ASSHOLE and said, Tony, GO HOME! 

He didn’t know how to respond, because he knew from the look on my face that I wasn’t a girl to mess with.

The next day he called me and expressed how he wanted to be friends. I told him it wasn’t a good idea and we never talked, again.

So, YES, GOD does test us. After my encounter with Tony, I didn’t run into another guy that was like my ex-college boyfriend.


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