Organization – Procrastination


 I really need to remember to take before pics to go with the after pics…lol.

Finally, I finished putting my entryway bench together. The drawers were not done and I put the bottom part in them. They still don’t line up right so I’m just blaming that on the design of the bench. I figured out that the screws were not going in all the way on the brackets for the drawers, because I wasn’t using the right screw driver…lol. What can I say I’m a girl and not a handyman.

I’m the Queen Procrastinator and the bench went unfinished for several weeks. The silver rack you see in the closet in the second pic sat in the box it came in the same amount of time as the unfinished bench.

Now, my entryway and coat closet by the bench are organized. I won’t come home everyday and look at the mess telling myself I need to take care of it.

My Red Dog insisted on being in the pic…lol.


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