Romance and Fairy Tales


I finished the first edit of my book this afternoon then I exercised the dogs. The book flows well and I’m very happy with this version of it. My initial writing of the book I wasn’t happy with it and knew something was missing. It took a few years, but it came to me one day what was wrong with the book and I’ve been working on it like mad since that aha moment. One more edit then I’ll start searching for literary agents.

My book is a young adult, romance book and when I was exercising I thought about what I wrote. I recalled all the romance books I read and the relationship books. In every romance story, there is always a happy ending where the girl gets the guy of her dreams. The guy adores her and showers her with affection. And if there is a conflict between them, the guy makes some exaggerated gesture to show his love for his woman.

Reality…guys and relationships aren’t like the romance books. Everything that men want from a woman for a relationship to bloom, I’m surprised marriage even happens. Guys want girls to be mysterious, be virtuous, be positive, be happy, be spontaneous, be creative, and the list goes on. And women are the complicated ones…LOL.

Unlike the romance books and chick flicks, most guys don’t make grand gestures to show their love or chase a woman to get her back. Real life relationships are not like Pretty Woman, Cinderella, Dirty Dancing, An Officer and a Gentleman, or a Nora Roberts story.

Real life is filled with guys and girls having issues from their past, baggage from previous relationships, ego issues and the female and male expectations when it comes to finding the perfect partner. And, I haven’t included the cheaters, liars, and all of life challenges that make the fairy tale not so dreamy.

Yet, the romance genre is a billion dollar a year industry. With 84% of the readers being female, these women range in age between 30-54.

Women want romance in a relationship. We want the fairy tale. We want to meet our Prince, have a happily ever after, and a man who will cherish us and love us regardless of our flaws. When things don’t workout with that Prince, women want the grand gesture declaring his love and how they can’t live without her like we’ve seen in the movies and read in the romance books.

So, I think about my book and how unrealistic the romance is in it. I wonder are the romantic literature and chick flicks filling girls heads with silly expectations or are they good, because they give us an escape from reality.


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