Book: From Fear to Eternity-Immortality Bites Series


I’m reading this Michelle Rowen book, From Fear to Eternity: Immortality Bites Series, I love her books and read all the ones in this series.

It’s about vampires, but it’s not Twilight or Anne Rice kinda stories. Rowen’s series is a comical, romance type read.

The main character is Sarah Dearly, who was turned into a fledgling vampire by a blind date, who is then killed by vampire hunters.

She has no one to help her adjust to her new vampire life then she runs into Thierry, a really, old vampire, who is standing on a bridge about to kill himself.

The books are about Sarah and Thierry’s blooming romance and all of Sarah’s mishaps, because trouble always finds her.

From Fear to Eternity, Sarah finds herself stuck in the  memoir novel that Thierry’s ex-wife wrote, Veronique, who is stuck with her. The book came to life due to a magical object. This is the part I’m at in the book.

It’s hilarious like all the books in the series and I can’t laugh out loud while reading it at work, but it has entertained me these past 3 days.


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