I’m a fan of football. I enjoy watching it and cheer on the Hawkeye Football Team and the Broncos.

And the fact that the NFL kept quiet about the damage the players were enduring to their brain, it disappoints me and pisses me off.

I dated a Hawkeye football player in college and he would say all the time how the players were just there to use and the coaches didn’t care about them. He was right.

It makes me sad that Money, Entertainment and Status over rules human life. This is the message that I got from watching Concussion.

I applaud Dr. Bennet Amulu for his bravery to take on the BIG NFL organization. Dr. Amulu didn’t take on the NFL for fame and money, he was a doctor and about saving lives. Despite that Dr. Amulu is a coroner, he kept trying to figure out why Mike Webster died. After he discovered the cause, the doctor’s focus was on saving other football players, who could be suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). Dr. Amulu continues today to find a way to prevent CTE from producing tau protein, which kills cells in the brain that are responsible for emotions, mood and cognitive control.

Some NFL players and sports lovers may feel that the fame and money are worth the risk of getting CTE, so Dr. Amulu’s discovery of CTE and the controversy it caused was insignificant.

Because Football is Number One in America.


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