Divorce doesn’t mean World War with your ex…get along for your kids sake…be an example of forgiveness, compassion n working together.


We all can agree that no one has ever entered into a relationship or marriage thinking that it will one day end, especially when a child or children are brought into the equation. But sometimes, an ending is what seems to happen. And we just have to learn to be ok with that.  In my line of work, I have encountered some of the most influential families.  There are times that these moms and dads are now co-parenting their child/ren.  There were some that I would have never guessed were no longer a couple because of the peace that they exhibited. There are times when I have seen the parents and their new spouses all together, laughing and getting along as if they are truly the best of friends and it is a beautiful thing.  How beautiful for their children. I know that it is not always possible to have…

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