Me: Self Improvement

self-improvement wordle

The Seeds of Life blog, A Letter to Anyone Who Seeks a Fulfilling Relationship, talks about what worked for them in finding a fulfilling relationship. There are two points I’m working on now, Integrating Self-Improvement Activities into my daily routine and Being the best me I could possibly be/Being the person I’d like to be with.

I’ve been writing daily blogs titled Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today. This helps me focus on just the good things that have happened throughout the day and to reflect on the positive parts of the day. When I’ve had moments in the day that try my patience or steer me towards a bad mood I think about the positive things that have happened during that day.

Thinking about what would make being the best me are:

  1. Being Compassionate
  2. Forgiving, even the people I don’t want to forgive
  3. Listen
  4. Understand
  5. Open-minded
  6. Love
  7. Being Kind
  8. Grateful for what I have, what others have done for me and the positives that have happened each day
  9. Friendship
  10. Respect others and myself, not allowing disrespect

This is what I’ve thought of so far. I’m sure the list will grow as I work on me.

I’m not looking for Mr. Right. He’ll come along when the time is right.


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