Bitter Much?


I don’t get it.

Yeah, another, encounter with my ex where he pissed me off. It happens at work so I don’t get into it with him. But that could be a good thing, because our arguments would just escalate and escalate. Getting the picture why the divorce happened.

Anyway, he’s the bitter one. But, I was the one that left, despite that he was the one that filed divorce. However, the way I see it he didn’t try that hard to get me back. He was dating someone like a week later and while we were seeing a marriage counselor. I was thinking, what’s the point of the counseling when you’re seeing someone else?

He has another girl and they’re getting married, yet, he’s still bitter about me leaving. Why? He loves her. She’s crazy about him. So, why is he still bitter?

We’ve discussed the breakup somewhat. I mean I didn’t see the point in discussing it over and over. Especially, since he was dating and found a girl he really liked.

And his bitterness surfaced when I started dating someone. Did he think I was going to stay single forever? The guy I was dating  we’re not even dating anymore and my ex’s bitterness just got worse.

Is it a male ego thing?



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