There won’t be a Positive Thinking: What was Great About Today post for April 21, 2016.

I’m really sad that Prince is gone. I wanted to see him in concert, again. And, I wish I would have bought seats down by the stage when I saw him, because he allowed the ladies to get on stage with him. That would have been an Awesome moment.

Death, I’ll never understand it. I know it’s the way of life, but it doesn’t make losing someone any easier.

I mean, Death is the Ultimate loss. We can’t go visit the person and talk to them and hear their voice as they answer back. We can’t touch them, anymore.

My parents are gone and I take comfort in knowing they are watching over me. Helping me.

But, it’s not the same as when they were physically alive. Holidays aren’t the same. Visits to Iowa, they aren’t the same. It took me a long time before I could go to a mall around here without getting sad from the memories of my mother. She wanted to buy this ring, so I took her to all the malls here in Denver. The cancer made it hard for her to get around, but we found the ring she wanted and I didn’t go to that mall for the longest time after she died.

When I encounter a person, who is filled with bitterness and anger, I want to shake them and tell them LET IT GO! Whatever, whoever, hurt them, there’s no point in holding on to it. Because it’s just a cancer on your soul. My mother was, always, telling me to let it go. Just enjoy your life, the people in your life and learn from the pain. Because Life really is short.

We never get over losing someone. As time passes, it gets easier to accept their death. But the pain, the sadness and the empty space in our heart, it stays with us, Forever.


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  1. Paardje · April 22, 2016

    So true.


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