Friendship: With An Ex


My ex and I went to Red Robin tonight. Many would be shocked that we had a meal and got along.

We get along by choice. We are friends by choice.

Yes, we get on each other’s nerves and are happy to not be together when this happens. We are still human and the friendship is not perfect.

But, that’s what friendship is we support each other, we disagree, we have fun and we don’t have to always like each other.

I caught myself getting an attitude and the walls coming up when he started talking about my craziness when we were younger. When I realized I was doing this…I stopped and listened to what he had to say. And I recalled the books I read about Understanding Men and how they think.

After listening to my ex recall my craziness, I agreed with him and told him about the books I had read. We discussed how dating other people gave us insight about ourselves, mistakes we made and how to be better in our next marriage.

Talking to him tonight and thinking about the books I’ve read about men, I’ve concluded men really think so much different than women when it comes to relationships. Despite my ex being raised by a single mother with no fatherly influence, he’s such a Guy. I told my ex this and reminded him, what women need in a relationship to help his marriage to his new soon-to-be wife be successful.


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