Norovirus: Ick

garfield sick

Norovirus known as the Winter Vomiting Bug, but more like a Vomiting and Diarrhea bug. It’s nasty and I’m knocking on wood that I don’t get it.

Yes, this icky bug is reeking havoc at the hospital and the floor I work on has caught it. The virus is very contagious. The past two days it’s wash hands, wash hands, sanitize, wash hands, sanitize, constantly.

And, we are advised to not touch our face. Man, every part of my face itched at work. I couldn’t recall if my face normally itched as much as it was while I was at work, but it seemed to be very itchy since I couldn’t touch it…LOL.

The hazards of working at a Children’s Hospital, which I refer to as the Germ and Virus Hot Zone.


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